City Ordinances

The City of Parkville has an agreement with General Code (formerly Sullivan Publications), who manages all municipal code-related ordinances.

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The following are ordinances that have been adopted but are not yet codified:

  • Ordinance 2733 – Amending Municipal Code Chapter 405 to rezone 6.28 acres from County Agriculture District to City Business Park District
  • Ordinance 2739 – Repealing and replacing Municipal Code Section 110.010 to change the term of office of mayor to three years and the day of the general election to the first Tuesday after the first Monday in April
  • Ordinance 2740 – Amending Municipal Code Chapter 405 to rezone approx. 2.52 acres from County Single-Family Large Lot District to City Planned Business District
  • Ordinance 2745 – Creating Municipal Code Title VII, Chapter 800, Section 800.020 to enact convenience fee charges on credit and debit card purchases for administrative sales (amended by Ordinance No. 2785)
  • Ordinance 2752 – Repealing, replacing and creating multiple sections of Municipal Code Chapter 140 and Chapter 320 related to new rules and regulations for Platte Landing Park and English Landing Park
  • Ordinance 2753 – Amending Titles I, II and III to extend the nature sanctuary regulations to the Sullivan Nature Sanctuary, distinguish the same from the Parkville Nature Sanctuary and reflect other current nature sanctuary policies and practices
  • Ordinance 2760 – Amending Section 442.020 to allow accessory commercial vehicle storage in the Old Town District if fully enclosed
  • Ordinance 2764 – Amending Chapter 405 to rezone 27,121 square feet, more or less, from County R-25 Single-Family Large Lot District to City B-4 Planned Business District
  • Ordinance 2769 – Repealing and replacing existing Municipal Code Chapter 610 entitled “Peddlers, Solicitors and Canvassers” and amending related provisions in Chapter 605 and creating a Schedule of Fees in Chapter 800
  • Ordinance 2773 – Repeal and replace portions of Parkville Municipal Code Chapter 107 entitled “Code of Ethics” to disclose potential conflicts of interest and substantial interests for certain officials
  • Ordinance 2781 – Repeal and replace Section 355.050 entitled “Emergency Snow Routes”
  • Ordinance 2784 – Amending Section 355.010 relating to stopping, standing or parking prohibited from 10 feet to 12 feet
  • Ordinance 2785 – Revising convenience fee charges on credit and debit card purchases for administrative sales

If you have questions about the code, please contact the City Clerk at (816) 741-7676.