City Ordinances

The City of Parkville has an agreement with General Code (formerly Sullivan Publications), who manages all municipal code-related ordinances. Click on the link below to view the online Municipal Code.

View Municipal Code

Below are the ordinances that have been approved and will be codified in mid-2015:

  • Ordinance 2793 – Amending Municipal Code chapters 225, 400 and 475 to address outdoor storage and displays
  • Ordinance 2794 – Adopting the 2012 International Family of Building Codes and designated appendices, as amended, and repealing and replacing Municipal Code sections 500.010A and 500.040
  • Ordinance 2797 – Amending and repealing various sections of Municipal Code Chapter 703 regarding the user charge system for the Parkville sanitary sewer utility
  • Ordinance 2801 – Amending Municipal Code Chapter 404 and adopting new flood insurance rate maps and the corresponding flood insurance study
  • Ordinance 2802 – Repealing and replacing various sections of Municipal Code Chapter 143 regarding the Finance/Audit Committee
  • Ordinance 2815 – Amending Section 442.050 to clarify the regulation of architectural styes, design features, building materials and to clarify regulation of paint colors in the “OTD” Old Town District

If you have questions about the code, please contact the City Clerk at (816) 741-7676.