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2014 Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and CCTV Project




 PARKVILLE, MO, OCTOBER 21, 2014 – The 2014 sanitary sewer cleaning and closed-circuit television (CCTV) project is scheduled to begin in late-October 2014 and continue through December 2014.  This project will cover about 20,000 feet of sanitary sewer lines within the city limits. The City of Parkville has contracted with Ace Pipe Cleaning, Inc. of Kansas City, Missouri to perform the cleaning and television inspection service. This project will be completed in two steps:

  1. Jetter cleaning equipment will flush the pipes and remove deposits of grit and debris that accumulate over time. This cleaning process will reduce odors and help keep the pipes flowing freely.
  2. CCTV equipment will then be sent through the lines to record the condition of the pipes and service line connections. This data will be used by the City of Parkville to evaluate the condition of the pipes and plan for future repairs.

The Ace Pipe Cleaning crews will be able to perform this work without interruption of sewer service and will not need access inside private residences. However, in some neighborhoods, cleaning crews will need to reach sanitary sewer manholes that may be located in backyard and/or side yard areas. As a result, some residents will notice Ace Pipe Cleaning crews working in and around sewer manholes located in their yards.  The Ace Pipe Cleaning crews will endeavor to restrict their access to side lot lines and sanitary sewer easements. Maps detailing the locations of the 2014 sanitary sewer cleaning and CCTV project are provided on the City website at

The City requests that residents assist the Ace Pipe Cleaning crews by allowing access to fenced yard areas and by keeping dogs inside if requested by crew personnel.  Please notify an Ace Pipe Cleaning crew member immediately if you notice anything unusual with your sewer service during the cleaning and televising process. It is not uncommon to hear some sounds transmitted through your drain plumbing as the cleaning work is being performed. This project is necessary to keep sanitary sewer lines in proper working condition. Thank you for your cooperation.

Contact Information:

Contractor Name: Ace Pipe Cleaning Inc.
Contractor Phone: (800) 325-9372
Contact Person: Mark Calvert (816) 853-6989

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