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2015 Street Maintenance Program

LogoTransparentStreet Maintenance Schedule Update 6/22/15: Metro Asphalt will continue to mill Main Street pavement on Tuesday. They will place asphalt on Wednesday and Thursday (weather permitting) starting at 9 HWY and ending on 7th Street.

Metro Asphalt will open up sections of roadway when it is safe to drive on. If residents drive on the warm asphalt or tack materials, they can track that onto their driveways and into their garages.

We also ask that the residents don’t run sprinkler systems until after the contractor is done with the street maintenance. During paving residents will need to park on the adjacent side streets. Thank you for your cooperation!

Street Maintenance Schedule Update 6/19/15: Street Maintenance will occur on Main Street, from Hwy 9 to 7th Street, starting on Monday, June 22nd.  The crew will begin milling the street on Monday and asphalting on Tuesday.  Residents are asked to not drive on the fresh asphalt or tack material, as it will stain the concrete on your driveway and in your garage.  It is ok to drive on the milled section on Monday. Please use the side streets to park.

Street Maintenance Schedule Update 6/17/15: The contractor will be asphalting the area of Riss Lake 10th Plat today and tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday).  

Street Maintenance Schedule Update 6/11/15: Due to the forecast for inclement weather, paving in Riss Lake has been postponed until Monday. 

Street Maintenance Schedule Update 6/10/15: Asphalt will be placed in Riss Lake 10th Plat tomorrow (Thursday). The contractor will start on Agron and then move to Forest Park, Park Ridge and Parkview. There is a possibility that the contractor may not be able to finish the work in one day. Due to trash services in Riss Lake on Friday, the contractor will be back next week to complete the paving operations.

Street Maintenance Schedule Update 6/9/15:

Tuesday 6/9: Finish milling of Parkview in Riss Lake.

Wednesday 6/10: Asphalting Brink Myers and N. National. Begin asphalting Riss Lake 10th Plat, starting on Parkview.

Thursday 6/11: Asphalting Park Ridge, Forest Park, and Agron.

***OLD SCHEDULE IS BELOW*** Please refer to the updates above for accurate information. 

The 2015 Street Maintenance Program is scheduled to begin this week.


Wednesday June 3,

Starting at Brink Myers Road when finished moving to National Drive and when finished there they will move to Riss Lake where the plan is to only mill Parkview Drive time permitting.

Thursday June 4,

Start milling on Agron (Street Dept. to help with patching on this street 40’x7’) when finished Forest Park will be done and to finish they will be milling Parkridge Drive. **If the milling is not completed on Thursday, Friday will be used to finish milling.


Monday June 8,

Asphalt Overlay will start on Brink Myers Road when finished moving to North National Drive. Moving of equipment to Riss Lake prior to paving on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday June 9,

Riss Lake overlay will start on Forest Park when completed they will do Agron up to Riss Lake Drive. If time allows they will move equipment to Parkridge Drive at Forest Park and start pulling up the hill.

Wednesday June 10,

On Wednesday the second day at Riss Lake they will start paving on Parkridge Drive at Forest Park and work their way up to Parkview Drive where they will set back in at the end of Parkview and pull out to Riss Lake Drive.

** All procedures of this project is WEATHER PERMITTING that means if it rains this will change the dates and times but not the order in which these streets will be milled and overlaid.

Please visit this link for the public notice. Updates on affected streets will be posted on and


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