Parkville Missouri

City Uses Grant Funds to Remove Hazardous Trees in the Park

With assistance from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) through its Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (TRIM) grant program, the City completed its plan to remove and trim hazardous trees in the park. With the aid of bucket trucks and tree climbers, four hazardous trees were removed and 17 trees were pruned.

To make the project possible, the City was awarded a $10,000 TRIM grant from the MDC. Parkville was one of 38 communities to receive a grant in 2019. With these grant funds, the City is able to provide a clean and safe park and yield the growth of new young trees that will establish a shady resting area, improve air quality and above all continue to provide beauty and comfort in the parks.

The TRIM grant program is a competitive cost-share tree care program administered by the MDC and the Missouri Community Forest Council. The program provides assistance for government agencies, public schools and non-profit groups with the management, improvement or conservation of trees on public lands. Projects eligible for TRIM grants include tree inventory and hazardous tree removal or pruning.

Mayor Nan Johnston said, “Because City staff continues to pursue grants, we are able to maintain the health of our tree stock as a top priority in our more than 200 acres of parks and over 100 acres of nature sanctuaries. We appreciate the assistance provided by the TRIM Program through the Missouri Department of Conservation.”

Parkville, designated as Tree City USA again in 2020 for the 30th consecutive year, was awarded the TRIM grant last fall and greatly appreciates the support of the MDC who helped significantly offset project costs to make this plan possible.

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