Parkville Missouri

Board of Aldermen releases statement regarding mayor

At Tuesday evening’s Board of Aldermen meeting, Mayor Nan Johnston issued an apology for the incident on September 26th which led to a DWI charge. Prior to this, she contacted each member of the Board of Aldermen and personally issued an apology.

While the charge against her is something that is being dealt with in the legal process, we expressed to her our disappointment that this incident has brought a negative light to the city and its citizens. We are also disappointed in her response to a constituent concerning a communication received regarding the incident, the day after it occurred. Many people in the community rightfully expect more from their elected officials. We are required to be good stewards representing their interests, and should hold ourselves above reproach.

The sincere apology from the Mayor at this week’s Board of Aldermen meeting to the Board, city staff, and citizens of Parkville is a start. We encourage her to conduct herself, just like we expect from ourselves, to the highest standard both in the public and private portions of our lives.

It is unfortunate these events have overshadowed many accomplishments which have occurred under Mayor Johnston’s leadership, such as the revitalization of downtown Parkville, increased and improved amenities throughout our parks, tremendous growth in housing, restaurants, and sports activities as part of the Creekside Development and lastly, the strongest financial position in the City’s history, in spite of being affected by one of the world’s worst health crisis ever.

Our commitment to you, as we move forward, as we will continue to represent Parkville’s best interests and work hard to fulfill our vision statement which states, “Parkville will offer an exceptional quality of life for its residents and visitors by embracing opportunities to enhance commerce and economic activity, while preserving the community’s historic charm, attractive character and unique natural environments.”

Marc Sportsman, Acting President of the Board/Ward 4 Alderman
Phil Wassmer, Ward 1 Alderman
Tina Welch, Ward 1 Alderman
Dave Rittman, Ward 2 Alderman
Brian Whitley, Ward 2 Alderman
Robert Lock, Ward 3 Alderman
Doug Wylie, Ward 3 Alderman
Greg Plumb, Ward 4 Alderman

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