Parkville Missouri

City Accepts Buckle Up Phone Down Challenge

The City of Parkville accepted the Missouri Department of Transportation’s (MoDOT) challenge to join the Buckle Up-Phone Down movement to challenge everyone to buckle up safety belts when getting into a vehicle and putting cell phones down while driving.

The City’s personnel policy requires all employees driving a City-owned vehicle or operating equipment, driving on City business or performing similar duties to use a hands-free device in emergency situations or pull the car off the road and into a safe place before making or receiving a phone call or sending a text. The policy also requires that all City employees must wear seat belts when operating or riding in City vehicles or on City business.

MoDOT and the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety have challenged Missouri businesses and private individuals to buckle up and put their cell phones down. The hope is to get private industries to openly support employee safety, either through internal safety campaigns or actually changing policy banning cellphone use in company vehicles and making safety belts mandatory. Statistics show that these two policy changes could have an impact on both incidents and highway fatalities. In 2016, 63 percent of vehicle fatalities in Missouri were because drivers and/or passengers were unbuckled.

Other agencies in Platte County that have already accepted the challenge include the cities of Platte Woods, Riverside and Platte City; the Gladstone Police Department; Platte County; Park University; and the Platte County Economic Development Council. The list continues to grow.

Mayor Nan Johnston said, “As the state of Missouri’s fatality rate continues to climb, it is important to endorse and encourage safe driving practices. Parkville fully supports the MoDOT safe driving initiative.”

Parkville is listed on MoDOT’s wall of fame among a long list of other governments, organizations and businesses. For more information about the campaign, visit

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