Parkville Missouri

City Adopts New Right-of-Way Management Code

The City of Parkville adopted new regulations for managing work being done within the City’s right-of-way. The revised Parkville Municipal Code provides oversight and a new fee structure to adequately reimburse the City for costs incurred. The Board of Aldermen adopted the ordinance on December 6, 2022.

In 2001, the Missouri General Assembly reduced the authority of municipalities to control their own right-of-way through Senate Bill 369. However, the law does allow municipalities to set certain regulations regarding the use of the right-of-way. The new Parkville Municipal Code Chapter 515 addresses:

  • Registration;
  • Permits;
  • Facility locations within the right-of-way;
  • Traffic control and street closures;
  • Excavation procedures;
  • Appeals or waivers;
  • Insurance, bonding and liability; and
  • Violations and penalties.

The law also lets municipalities recover costs incurred with right-of-way management. The City’s previous fee for a right-of-way permit was $10. With the new Code, the fee structure is more comprehensive and includes a revised permit fee and new traffic control and inspection fees. The new structure will adequately reimburse the City for staff time to administer permits and oversee projects through completion.

City Administrator Alexa Barton said, “The City needed to update its right-of-way management ordinance to address rules enacted by Missouri. With more work being done within the right-of-way throughout the city, the new Code will allow staff authority to ensure the work is being done properly.”

For more information, contact the Public Works Director Alysen Abel at (816) 741-7676.

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