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City Expands Partnership with Park University Through Use of Beach Volleyball Courts in English Landing Park

The City of Parkville is pleased to announce that the partnership with Park University is growing. The University has teamed up with the City to use the sand volleyball courts in English Landing Park as their home court for their new collegiate beach volleyball team, beginning in early 2019.

Earlier this year, Park University Volleyball Coach Mike Talamantes approached the City about entering into a maintenance and use agreement for the three sand volleyball courts located in English Landing Park. As part of the agreement, the University will update the courts in exchange for use of the courts for practice and intercollegiate competition. The courts will be improved to certified beach volleyball standards, including replacing and increasing the depth of the sand, new poles and net systems and installing court volleyball lines. 

The beach volleyball season runs from January to May. The public may use the courts during times not reserved by Park University. The agreement will provide Park University with access to an improved beach volleyball facility in the picturesque English Landing Park, which sits on the Missouri River. The partnership will help the City with maintenance of the sand volleyball courts and the public will have access to official college beach volleyball courts for recreational play.  

The City hopes that the sport will bring more patrons to English Landing Park and downtown Parkville. Mayor Johnston said, “The City is looking forward to expanding our partnership with Park University through their new beach volleyball program. We are happy our parks provide a place where the university can play its new sport while helping us improve our parks.”

The University plans to start improvements this fall. They will be completed before the 2019 season.

For more information, contact Assistant to the City Administrator Anna Mitchell at (816) 741-7676.

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