Parkville Missouri

Parkville Issues Open Letter and Fact Sheet on Petition Audit

On November 8, 2019, Parkville residents were mailed a letter from the City of Parkville concerning an initiative for a petition audit of the City. The letter explained to residents that the City has prepared information for residents to provide a greater understanding of its responsible practices as they pertain to finances, transparency, accountability, economic development and compliance with laws and ethics policies. This information is provided in a Fact Sheet found on the City’s web site at Residents are encouraged to review the Fact Sheet prior to considering signing the petition. The letter also alerted residents that if the audit is performed, the city, and its taxpayers, would be responsible for the cost of the audit. If the audit is performed, the City will fully cooperate.

The City of Parkville communicates with its residents in an open and transparent manner. The letter and the Fact Sheet are part of our effort to keep our citizens informed. For more information, residents are encouraged to visit the website or contact the City Administrator or one of their elected officials.

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