Parkville Missouri

Code Complaint System

LogoTransparentThe Parkville Code Complaint System is now online.  It’s an online tool for reporting code violations in the City of Parkville.  It can be found here: or under the departments/community development tab above.

The following violations can be easily reported in this system: Tall Grass and Weeds, Rubbish & Garbage, Insect & Rodent Infestation, Building & Construction Materials, Residential Outdoor Storage, Non-Residential Outdoor Storage & Displays, Nuisance Vehicles, Exterior Building Maintenance, and Fence Maintenance. Other violations are also accepted with a detailed description of the violation. Please note that in order to process a complaint we need the specific location of the violation (via address, parcel number, and/or other detailed description) so that a case can be opened prior to sending an officer or inspector to investigate. For details on city ordinances please visit:

The City of Parkville may not use code violation documentation information that was obtained by trespassing, entry without permission, or other illegal means. In general, violations should be documented from public property (streets and sidewalks) or from abutting property with the permission of the abutting property owner. Property owners have a right to privacy and photos or other documentation should never be taken through windows of the home at which the suspected violations exist nor should a homeowner’s or resident’s reasonable expectation of privacy be violated in any way when attempting to obtain documentation.

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