Parkville Missouri

A dead tree in English Landing Park being transformed into a work of art


For immediate release:

The City of Parkville is pleased to announce that it is transforming a dead tree in English Landing Park into a work of art that will serve as a symbolic monument in the community. After a public vote to choose a design, a dead cottonwood tree behind the McKeon Stage is being carved by local chainsaw artist TJ Jenkins.

In early 2015, the City discovered that an existing cottonwood tree behind the stage needed to be removed. As an alternative to removing the tree, City staff recommended that a 15-foot section of the trunk be carved into a design that represented a symbol of Parkville. Three concepts presented to the public included an American eagle, a grizzly bear and Lewis and Clark. The American eagle design was chosen for the artwork for the tree in a landslide public vote.

The chainsaw artist began carving the tree earlier this week and will be finished on Friday, June 17. Mayor Johnston said “This artwork is a wonderful addition to our parks. It will be enjoyed by residents and visitors for years to come.”

For more information, please contact Public Works Director Alysen Abel at (816) 741-7676.

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