Parkville Missouri

Parkville Farmers Market Building Sustains Additional Damage

This morning at 11:37 a.m., a tractor trailer ran into the north side of the City-owned Farmers Market building located in downtown Parkville, south of the railroad tracks. The accident, investigated by the Parkville Police Department, found the truck and driver remained on scene and the driver was cited.

While the tractor trailer struck the north side of the building, the entire structure sustained significant damage (prior damage from the first incident was isolated to the east end). The City’s structural engineer, Leigh & O’Kane, has been on-site to review the damage. Crews will work diligently to remove the debris from the scene. For safety reasons, barriers and signage have been placed to block off the area to the public. Anyone entering the closed area will be cited by the Police Department.

The City is working with the Parkville Farmers Market Association to determine the next steps moving forward regarding an alternate location for their Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning markets.

City Administrator Alexa Barton stated, “Unfortunately, our farmers market has been hit twice in a 45-day period when it has stood at this location for over 35 years (1987) without incident. These situations are always difficult for our community when a building, an icon in our community, has been severely damaged. Looking ahead, the City is working with both companies through the claims process to address our building needs.”

For additional information, contact City Administrator Alexa Barton by e-mail or by phone at (816) 741-7676.

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