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KCP&L Shade Tree Micro-Grant Project Complete




PARKVILLE, MO, OCTOBER 28, 2014 – In September, the City of Parkville received a $1,500 micro-grant from KCP&L to plant shade trees in the new Platte Landing Park Dog Park. Parkville was one of 17 organizations that received a micro-grant from KCP&L.

The City is pleased to announce that the new trees have arrived and have been planted in and around the large dog park area. The City worked with Platte County to choose a variety of flood tolerant tree species that should be long lasting and aesthetically pleasing in Platte Landing Park for years to come!

The trees will provide much needed shade in an area currently void of sun protection. Shade trees are an important part of the community and are critical to the future character of Platte Landing Park. Shade trees reduce ultraviolet radiation which causes sun burns and skin damage, reduce ground level ozone by cooling previously unshaded areas, and reduce the surface temperatures of open space to make shaded areas more comfortable for everyone to enjoy!

Check out for more details about the Energizing Our Environment Micro-Grant Program and information on the other grant recipients. This project would not have been possible without the generous support of Kansas City Power and Light!

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