Parkville Missouri

Local Boy Scouts Volunteer at the Parkville Nature Sanctuary

On January 28th, the Parkville Nature Sanctuary hosted a group of Boy Scouts ages five through 10 years old from Troop 261 through St. Therese. The City is pleased to recognize them for their hard work in helping to enhance the sanctuary.

The Boy Scouts split into small groups with their parents and den leaders to mulch trails and remove invasive vines. Parkville Nature Sanctuary Director Kristen Bontrager taught a group of them how to remove invasive bush Honeysuckle. They worked for two hours and earned badges while they were there. The group will return to the sanctuary in April to pull Garlic Mustard, an invasive weed.

Mayor Nan Johnston said, “The Parkville Nature Sanctuary is a 115-acre natural area with 2.8 miles of trails that is maintained almost entirely by volunteers. The City thanks the Boy Scouts for volunteering their time to help remove the invasive plants and improve the sanctuary.”

For more information about the sanctuary or to volunteer, contact Nature Sanctuary Director Kristen Bontrager at (816) 741-7676.

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