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Parkville Uses Federal Grant for New Bridge in English Landing Park – Announces Temporary Road Closure

Through mid-April, vehicle access into English Landing Park will be closed. Crews will be replacing the low water crossing at the entrance to the park with an elevated bridge to help prevent future park closures associated with periods of high river levels. Pedestrian access will remain open across the Waddell “A-Truss” Bridge. Access to Platte Landing Park, including the dog park, will not be effected by this road closure.

English Landing Park has one point of vehicle access from Main Street to McAfee Street, with the secondary pedestrian access at the Waddell “A-Truss” Bridge. When the White Alloe Creek floods due to backwater from high Missouri River levels, the low water vehicle crossing on McAfee Street closes until such time the water recedes. During this time, public access to the park is restricted. With funding from a federal grant, a new elevated bridge will be constructed on McAfee Street.

In 2015, severe storms and flooding caused the White Alloe Creek water level to rise over the low water crossing and the City had to close the park for an extended period. The State of Missouri received a federal disaster declaration due to the flooding and as a result, Platte County was one of 68 counties that received post-disaster grant funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  The City applied for a grant to replace the low water crossing with an elevated bridge structure and in 2017 was awarded $368,377 for the project. In addition to the FEMA grant, the City also received an $11,000 Platte County Stormwater Outreach Grant. Combined with City funds, the new $506,468 bridge will provide safe access to English Landing Park for public use and emergency response. Additional bank stabilization along White Alloe Creek will also be included as part of the project.

The new elevated Conspan Bridge will safely allow two-way vehicle access and pedestrian traffic and will provide an aesthetic feature at the entrance of the park. Mayor Johnston said, “Flooding of English Landing Park has occurred many times over the years. With the elevated bridge, visitors will be able to access the park throughout the year. This has been a long needed project and we are looking forward to improving the entrance to our park and expanding the times when our citizens can enjoy the beautiful park.”

For more information about the project, contact Public Works Director Alysen Abel at (816) 741-7676.

Example of Conspan bridge
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