Parkville Missouri

Notice to Riss Lake Residents

LogoTransparentNotice to Riss Lake residents: This message is a follow up to the Mayor’s promise that City staff would look into your water issues.  Since receiving complaints from the residents, the City of Parkville has contacted Missouri American Water to alert them to the water quality issue at Riss Lake. Missouri American Water has brought in their Regional Water Quality Specialist to assist with identifying the issues at Riss Lake.

If you are experiencing an issue with the quality of your water or are seeing small flakes in your water, please contact Missouri American Water at 816-741-2992 to schedule an appointment to review your water quality issues. They will be able to determine if the issue is on the main line or your home’s internal line. If you do not receive an adequate response from the water company, please contact Public Works at 816-741-7676.

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