Parkville Missouri

Parkville and Park University Working Together to Preserve the Old Parkville Cemetery

Through a partnership with Park University, the City of Parkville is closer to determining the location of unmarked graves at the Old Parkville Cemetery.

In 2015, the City partnered with Park University on a community-based venture to review management and maintenance of the Old Parkville Cemetery located on Highway 9. City staff recognized the need to develop a plan for future maintenance and preservation of the cemetery. The partnership provided the opportunity to advance the project through volunteer support.

As a supplement to the project, students from the university’s Geography Department began a preliminary mapping and online Geographic Information Systems (GIS) project. The students were able to complete a GIS mapping project and compile names and dates of the visible gravestones. The GIS map is available online at:

In 2017, Professor Scott Hageman received grant funding to complete a Ground Penetrating Radar survey of the Old Parkville Cemetery to help determine the location of the unmarked graves. The goal is to treat all the burial locations with the respect they deserve and to assure the areas are adequately maintained. The work took place from May 15 to May 17. Once completed and the data is analyzed, a plaque will be placed at the cemetery with a list and location of all the unmarked graves.  Preliminary review of the data estimates over 100 unmarked locations. The unmarked graves will also be added to the GIS map.

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