Parkville Missouri

Reduced water rates announced


For immediate release:

PARKVILLE, MO, JULY 1, 2016 – Today, Missouri American Water Company released its revised rate structure as a result of the rate consolidation approved by the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) in late May (see attachment).  Average residential customers in Parkville will pay 30 percent, or $19.95, less than before for a total monthly bill of $46.25. This is based on a residential average of 6,500 gallons, and actual impact will vary for each customer due to monthly consumption. The new rates are anticipated to become effective on or around July 6. All customers will receive additional information, including rate details, with their next water bill.

Missouri American Water serves 7,500 customers in its Platte County water district, including approximately 2,000 residences in Parkville. The City of Parkville cooperated with the City of Riverside to advocate to the PSC for reduced water rates in Platte County, specifically by means of consolidation with other water districts.

For more information, contact City Administrator Lauren Palmer at (816) 741-7676.

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