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Southbound lane of Hwy 9 at 3rd Street to be closed April 21



City of Parkville – 2016 Sanitary Sewer Repairs Project

The City of Parkville will be conducting testing and repairs to the sanitary sewer system from April through December of 2016. This work, scheduled and budgeted as part of the City’s Capital Improvements Program, will focus on the older sewer lines between Highway 9 and West Street, and between 2nd Street and the 900 block Main Street. These lines are deteriorating and the City needs to gain access to the pipes to perform repairs.

The work will be done in three steps.  First, City crews will perform smoke testing, filling the lines with non-toxic white smoke to find leaks and verify connections. When smoke testing is scheduled in your area you will receive a notice in your front door a few days in advance.

On Thursday April 21st, City crews will need to shut down the southbound lane of Highway 9 at Third Street, between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. in order to perform the smoke testing of the sewers in Third Street.

Second, the crews will send closed-circuit television (CCTV) equipment through some of the lines to record the condition of the pipes and verify the location on the surface. This data will be used by the Department of Public Works to evaluate the condition of the pipes and to plan for future repairs.

The third step will be for a construction contractor to install manholes in key locations along these sewer lines. The City apologizes for any inconveniences and temporary traffic disruptions this project may create.

The City requests that residents cooperate with and assist the crews by allowing access to City sewer lines in fenced yard areas and keeping dogs inside the house if requested by crew personnel. Please notify a City crew member if you notice anything unusual with your sewer service during the cleaning and televising process. It is not uncommon to hear some sounds transmitted through your drain plumbing, as the cleaning work is being performed.

City of Parkville Department of Public Works

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