Parkville Missouri

Special Election for Wards 1 and 3 Board of Aldermen Positions

The City of Parkville supports today’s decision by the Platte County Board of Elections to seek court approval for a special election to decide the races between candidates for Ward 1 and 3 Aldermen.  

The City was notified by the Platte County Board of Elections on Thursday of an error related to wrong ballots being provided to some voters residing in newer residences on Limestone Court.  Voters residing in these homes were listed in county records as Ward 1 residents instead of Ward 3.  Before the error was discovered on Election Day, thirteen voters in Ward 3 cast a Ward 1 Ballot.  These 13 votes incorrectly affected the results in Ward 1, and the true intentions of the voters were not registered in Ward 3.  Because the results of both races were by a margin of less than 13 votes, it is not possible to declare a winner of either Ward. 

The City of Parkville is not involved with administering elections.  The Platte County Board of Elections is responsible for conducting all elections in Platte County.  The City supports the Election Board’s past and present efforts to administer a fair and efficient voter system.   

While it is inconvenient to the voters and candidates to participate in another election, it is important that the will of the people be determined in electing their representatives to the Parkville City Government.  There is no other way to achieve this without having a complete new election for the Ward 1 and 3 Aldermen positions.  The City of Parkville supports the petition for a special election.

The City will await the decision of the Court and if approved, will work with the Platte County Board of Elections to declare a date when the special election will occur.

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