Parkville Missouri

Zoning Code & Subdivision Regulations Update – Public Open House #2


The public is invited and encouraged to attend an open house to provide input and feedback on the City’s zoning code and subdivision regulations.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016-5:30-7:30 p.m.
Mosaic Life Care – Parkville Commons (6185 Jefferson Ave., Parkville, MO 64152)

The City’s codes and regulations serve the purpose of promoting the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Parkville by encouraging the most appropriate and best use of land throughout Parkville; many of these codes and regulations were adopted over 40 years ago and have since been amended as needed. The majority of the codes and regulations have never been comprehensively updated. The Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations Update will develop clear, understandable, and user-friendly documents that are consistent with existing City plans and policies, with implementations of the 2009 Parkville Master Plan and the 2014 Vision Downtown Parkville. For more information about this project, please contact the City of Parkville’s Community Development Director, Stephen Lachky by e-mail or call (816) 741-7676.

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