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Residents can report concerns with fiber installation

The City of Parkville has received complaints related to the recent AT&T fiber installation, most recently, Riss Lake and Pinecrest neighborhoods.  Complaints have been received through various forms of communication.  In an effort to consolidate these complaints and provide better service to the residents, the City has developed a complaint database for residents.  The information collected will be emailed directly to City staff, who will then communicate daily with AT&T representatives and their contractor(s) to resolve these issues.

Here is a list of the frequent complaints and how AT&T and the contractor plan to resolve them:

  1. Damaged Sprinkler Heads – The contractor has been able to reconnect some of the sprinklers that have been damaged.  The contractor will first evaluate the extent of the damage and determine if additional assistance is needed or repair onsite.  For issues that are beyond the contractor’s capabilities, the resident may be asked to coordinate with their sprinkler company directly.  The contractor will reimburse for this expense.
  2. Damaged Dog Fence – Similar to the sprinkler head damage, the contractor has the tools available to perform the repairs to any dog fence damaged by the contractor.
  3. Humps in the Roadway – The City is cataloging the damages to the street by the boring operation.  The humps are likely caused by the pressure of the bore against the gravel beneath the street.  These areas will be repaired following the fiber conduit install, at the expense of the contractor.
  4. Damaged Driveways – The contractor was encouraged to capture pre-construction photos and video prior to starting construction.  If a resident suspects that their driveway was damaged with the recent construction, they are encouraged to file a complaint through the City’s complaint database.   While not required, it would be helpful for residents who live in areas that have not experienced construction activity to capture pre-construction photos, prior to construction, starting in front of your property.
  5. Damage to Utility Service Lines – With any construction, the contractors must call Missouri One-Call for utility locates.  The utility companies primarily focus on the locates of the utility mains, not the service connections.  Many of the utility issues experienced with this project were a result of the utility companies not locating the utility service lines.  City staff, AT&T representatives and contractor have direct connections with each of the utility companies and, when made aware, communicate outages and restore service in a timely manner.  However, the residents should also contact their utility company directly through the utility company’s customer service hotline.
  6. Restoration of Yards – The contractor is required to restore the areas disturbed during construction to match existing condition.  They will start the restoration effort following the installation of the fiber conduit.  When possible, the contractor will pull back the grass to minimize damage to the sod.  The residents will be responsible for watering these areas necessary to establish with establishing the vegetation.

If you have experienced issues related to the recent fiber installation, fill out the form on the City’s website at

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