Parkville Missouri

Short-Term Rentals

Parkville Municipal Code Section 405.040, Subsection K, (Ordinance No. 3142) provides guidelines for short-term residential dwelling rentals in residential districts. To learn more about the process for short-term rentals, click here.

Application Process

    1. Submit an application to Community Development staff
    2. Pay the $300 fee
    3. On a monthly basis, submit tourism/guest room tax form to the City
    4. Obtain a Parkville Business License through the City Clerk


Short-term rentals must meet the following standards:

  • Permitted in residential districts (R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4 and R-5) by the Community Development Department’s administrative approval authority, provided the following standards are met:
    • Total Number – No more than four short-term rentals are allowed per Ward district.
    • Number of Units – Short-term rentals are restricted to one dwelling unit per property.
    • Primary Residence – Short-term rentals shall be owner-occupied as their full-time primary residence.
    • Dedicated Parking – Short-term rentals shall have at least one dedicated parking space for short-term tenants on-site on the subject property; and this space shall not include on-street parking in public right-of-way.
  • For instances where a variance or exception is requested for the foregoing requirements, applicants will need to submit an Application for Conditional Use Permit and go through the City’s discretionary review process outlined in Section 403.050, which makes all adjacent property owners aware of any adverse impacts and provides the opportunity for individuals to provide public comment on the matter.
  • Homeowners’ association regulations considered as relevant factor in whether to deny the use of a specific property because it is not compatible with the surrounding area, including its impacts on adjacent properties
  • May include individual bedrooms in principal building that share common entrance, kitchen facilities and living areas; or completed areas of principal building (basement or upstairs space) with separate entrance, facilities and living areas from primary residence or approved accessory buildings on property
  • May not be rented as reception, party, meeting or similar space open to non-resident guests
  • No exterior evidence that property is being utilized as an RDR, including signage
  • Must adhere to safety standards of third-party vendor, as well as federal, state and local laws. This includes, but is not limited to, owner/non-owner applicants providing a working fire extinguisher, working battery-operated portable flashlight/lantern or other emergency lighting device suitable for an electrical power outage, working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and contact information for the host and local emergency services
  • Complaints or issues received by host must be resolved by host
  • Permits and business licenses may be denied, suspended or revoked when RDR fails to meet or uphold any standards or other provisions of the Parkville Municipal Code
  • All short-term rentals are to be charged the five percent (5%) Tourism Tax – Guest Room Tax paid by transient guests of hotels, motels, bed and breakfast inns, and other short-term rental spaces of similar use, per Parkville Municipal Code Section 160.045


Questions about the following should be directed to the staff listed below:

Rules & Regulations: Stephen Lachky
Business License: Melissa McChesney
Guest Room Tax: Michelle Hefley