Parkville Missouri

Guidelines for Events in Parkville

We are pleased you have chosen Parkville as the site for your community event and are sure you will find a welcoming environment among the businesses, merchants, employees and residents of Parkville.

A number of City departments may be involved in the logistics necessary to produce a safe and successful community event. As a result, the City requires a special event application and may require other documentation before an event can take place.

In an effort to simplify the application procedures for event organizers, the City has prepared this application information and an event rules and conditions guidebook. As you read through the application information and guidebook to complete the special event application, please be aware that these documents have been developed to address a wide span of event types and elements. You need only provide information about the elements that relate to your particular event.

City staff is available to answer your questions to ensure you have a successful event. Please feel free to call Parks & Recreation Director Brittanie Propes at (816) 741-7676 once you review the information below.

What is an Event in Parkville?

An event is: any activity to be held in a single location on, or on a route throughout, city streets, sidewalks, parking lots, public parks and nature sanctuaries, rights-of-way, or on or within other city property or facilities, that involves a non-traditional or non-routine use of the property, including but not limited to festivals, concerts, parades, public performances, weddings, races or other similar gatherings. An event is also a gathering on private property with a significant impact on city resources, traffic, public property, or other public infrastructure.

All events taking place in Parkville must be approved for a Special Event Permit. All events must complete the Special Event Application to be approved for a Special Event Permit. Special Events may booked up to 365 days in advance.

Below are the documents you will need to get started! Links to other required documents are included in the application and information guides. 

Event Rules and Conditions

Event Rules and Conditions

Application and Information Guides


New Event Application and Information

Repeat Event Application and Information

Sample Special Event Permit

Block Party Application

5k/10k Information

Film & Video Permit Application

Shelter and Field Reservation Forms

Reservations accepted starting March 1st. Starting in 2024, reservations will be made online. More information coming soon!

Shelter/Greenspace Reservation Form

Sports Field/Court Reservation Form

Other Helpful Information

Insurance Requirements

Damage Deposit Requirements