Parkville Missouri

ADA Transition Plan

On March 19, 2024, the Board of Aldermen will consider a resolution recognizing our responsibility under Title II of the ADA and its commitment to ensure that all individuals are able to participate in all City activities, services and programs. Additionally, the City acknowledges its processes for addressing ADA complaints and commitment to utilize the Plan to review and improve its internal processes pertaining to accessibility.

Accessibility Complaints

The City of Parkville Transition Plan includes a formal process for receiving, documenting and addressing ADA complaints in order for the City to address and improve its built infrastructure on City land, facilities and within City rights-of-way. This includes assigning an ADA Coordinator to receive, review and respond to questions/concerns regarding accessibility; as well as designating an employee as the City’s web accessibility coordinator.




ADA Coordinators

  • Stephen Lachky, Community Development Director
  • Dan Harper, Public Works Director
  • Web Accessibility Coordinator Melissa McChesney, City Clerk/Communications