Parkville Missouri

Municipal Code

The City of Parkville has an agreement with General Code who manages all municipal code-related ordinances. Click on the link below to view the online Municipal Code.

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Below are the ordinances that have been approved, but have not been codified into the Municipal Code:

  • Ordinance No. 3201 – Repealing Parkville Municipal Code Section 105.200 regarding Board of Aldermen powers to make arrests and enforce laws


Below are the ordinances that have been approved and are currently being codified into the Municipal Code:

  • Ordinance No. 3149 – Repealing Municipal Code Chapter 515 and adopting a new Chapter 515 titled Right-of-Way Management
  • Ordinance No. 3150 – Amending Municipal Code Sections 402.010, 405.040 and various sections of Chapter 605 amending provisions for home-based businesses
  • Ordinance No. 3163 – Amending Municipal Code Section 405.030, Subsection B.3 to create provisions large lot detached buildings
  • Ordinance No. 3167 – Amending Municipal Code Section 703.040 implementing a three percent increase to the sewer base charge, sewer usage charge, and surcharge for sewer customers
  • Ordinance No. 3168 – Amending Municipal Code Section 150.150 and Property Maintenance Code to create Section 302.4.1 regarding removal of dead trees on city and private property
  • Ordinance No. 3176 – Amending Municipal Code Section 402.010 and Section 405.020 regarding marijuana
  • Ordinance No. 3177 – Repealing Municipal Code Section 405.040, Subsection J and Section 215.080 and creating a new Chapter 250 and a new Chapter 260 regarding marijuana
  • Ordinance No. 3178 – Amending Ordinance No. 3149 amending Municipal Code Section 515.140, Subsection B to include provisions for underground facilities
  • Ordinance No. 3181 – Amending Municipal Code Section 405.020, Table 405-2 allowing Education – Neighborhood School (<10 acres) uses in the “R-4” Mixed-Density Residential District as a permitted use and allowing Education – Campus (>10 acres) uses in the R-4 District as a conditional use
  • Ordinance No. 3185 – Amending Municipal Code Sections 605.200 and 605.230 regarding business license enforcement and penalties
  • Ordinance No. 3186 – Amending Municipal Code Section 407.050 establishing standards for stream buffer protection to help prevent property damage, reducing the severity of floods, preventing streambank erosion and protecting natural habitat
  • Ordinance No. 3187 – Amending Municipal Code Section 407.020 establishing standards for steep slope preservation to help prevent erosion and stormwater runoff, reduce the risk of dangerous slides and preserve natural topography and scenic hillside
  • Ordinance No. 3188 – Amending Municipal Code Section 404.020 establishing standards for tree cover preservation to help prevent urban heat island effect, provide natural air conditioning via shade cover, contribute to bird and wildlife habitat, reduce stormwater runoff, provide scenic amenities and increase property values
  • Ordinance No. 3191 – Amending Municipal Code Sections 154.010 and 154.020, Subsection A, to increase the membership and create a non-voting Park University student position on the Diversity and Inclusion Commission


If you have questions about the code, please contact the City Clerk at (816) 741-7676.