Parkville Missouri

City Uses Grant Funds to Remove Hazardous Trees in the Parks

With assistance from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) through its Community Conservation Cost-Share Program, the City of Parkville completed its plan to remove and trim hazardous trees in the English Landing Park and Platte Landing Park. With the aid of bucket trucks and tree climbers, 25 hazardous trees were removed and 33 trees were pruned.

To make the project possible, the City was awarded Cost-Share funds in the amount of $22,293.75 from MDC. With these grant funds, the City is able to provide a clean and safe park and yield the growth of new young trees that will establish a shady resting area, improve air quality and above all continue to provide beauty and comfort in the parks.

The Community Conservation Cost-Share grant program is a competitive tree care program administered by the MDC. Eligible property includes lands in public ownership or open to the public, such as, but not limited to, municipal and county parks and schools. MDC’s Community Conservation Cost-Share Program promotes sustainable development practices and the establishment of natural resource conservation practices in municipal and developing areas.

Mayor Dean Katerndahl said, “Because City staff continues to pursue grants, we are able to maintain the health of our tree stock as a top priority in our more than 200 acres of parks and over 100 acres of nature sanctuaries. We appreciate the assistance provided by the Community Conservation Cost Share Program through the Missouri Department of Conservation.”

For more information, contact Parks Superintendent Tom Barnard at (816) 741-7676.

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