Parkville Missouri

Phelan Receives Certified Playground Safety Inspector Certification

The City of Parkville is pleased to announce that Travis Phelan received his certification as a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) from the National Park and Recreation Association. Travis is the City’s first employee to receive the certification.

The National Recreation and Park Association offers the industry-leading certification program in playground safety. CPSI is a certification that provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date training on playground safety issues including hazard identification, equipment specifications, surfacing requirements and risk management methods.

As part of the certification process, Travis completed a two-day course covering a number of playground safety and security topics: identification and prioritization of hazards; surface standards and guidelines; evaluation of playground equipment for site selection and age-appropriateness; design and layout; accessibility; best practices for inspections and record-keeping; and the CPSI Code of Professional Conduct. After extensive study and review, he passed the comprehensive certification exam.

City Administrator Alexa Barton said, “Parkville’s parks are a tremendous asset to the city and our community. We are grateful to have a dedicated park employee like Travis to oversee our equipment, providing a fun environment while also focusing on the safety of everyone who visits to enjoy our parks.”

Phelan was recognized for his accomplishment at the December 19, 2023, Board of Aldermen meeting.

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