Parkville Missouri

About Parkville

entryway-sign_closeupwlightParkville is a city in southern Platte County on the Missouri River. Parkville is known for its antique shops, art galleries and historic downtown. The city is home to Park University and the National Golf Club, which has two golf courses. The city is comprised of approximately 15.41 square miles, has a population of 7,117 (based on 2020 Census) and borders Kansas City and Riverside, Missouri; Kansas City, Kansas; and unincorporated Platte County.

The beauty of limestone carved bluffs, wooded vistas and the Missouri River provide an enchanting backdrop for Parkville. In Parkville, connecting with the community is a way of life. From historic beginnings to a modern day culture of creativity and community pride, Parkville is one of the most innovative and exciting cities in the Midwest.



Originally a steamboat landing, Parkville began to take shape when Colonel George S. Park, veteran of the Texas War of Independence, land speculator and entrepreneur, purchased the site in 1838 and built his home on the bluffs above the Missouri River. In 1844, Park formally platted the town of Parkville and by 1850, a thriving community existed on the banks of the Missouri River. The City has a colorful past and there are numerous historical accounts of conflicts over the evils of slavery and the free use of whiskey. By the 1850s Park had built a hotel known as “Old Number One”, which for a while was used as Park College. Park’s dream for a college was realized in 1875 and students helped build many of the structures on campus. By 1877 there were general stores, a shoe store, grocery, hardware, blacksmith shop and two hotels. Many of those little shops and stores are home to today’s shops and restaurants. In 1880, Parkville’s population stood at 482, compared to today’s 7,117 (2020 Census). Parkville has survived through floods, train derailments and controversial issues and is now known regionally for the exceptional quality of life the community has to offer. The 1889 train depot served for years as the City Hall and now houses the Cathy Kline Art Gallery. The 1918 Park College Power Plant on Main Street has been renovated for commercial use.

Today, Parkville is home to a historic downtown, the National Golf Club, Parkville Commons, Platte County YMCA, Creekside and over 200 businesses.

Historic Train Depot

The historic Parkville Train Depot, 8701 NW River Park Drive, was constructed in 1889 and first served the Chicago Burlington Quincy Railroad two years later. The building was significantly rehabilitated/rebuilt in 1925, which resembles its physical layout today. The City first leased the train depot from the Chicago Burlington Quincy Railroad in 1970 to use as its City Hall and the City received title to the depot and land in 1990. Following the Great Flood of 1993, the depot had to be rehabilitated due to flood water damage and City staff subsequently relocated City Hall operations to 1201 East Street as a result. The depot was transformed into a train museum and was rededicated in 2000 for civic uses by the City and downtown non-profit organizations. Over the past 18 years, the City has entered into various lease/use agreements to utilize, maintain, and cover utility expenses for the building.