Parkville Missouri

Watkins Park

Watkins ParkWatkins Park is one of the City’s two neighborhood parks. Located just a few blocks from Main Street, at the intersection of West and 10th streets, Watkins Park features a picnic shelter, small basketball court with goal, a small oval paved walking trail, a swing and an area for horseshoes. The shelter cannot be reserved, but may be used on a first-come, first-serve basis. The park land was donated on behalf of the Watkins family in honor of Bruce Watkins, a prominent citizen and former Kansas City council member.

WatkinsParkMapThe Phase 1 improvements, funded with Park Sales tax revenue and a Platte County Outreach Grant, include:

  • Parking lot closer to West Street
  • Fencing to better define the park
  • Small playground
  • Loop trail around the perimeter (final step)
  • New shelter closer to parking area
  • Stream bank enhancements (under construction)

Watkins Park Master Plan

Improvements looking east

Improvements from new shelter house