Parkville Missouri

Police Applicant Hiring Process

All applicants must complete an Employment Application and Substance Abuse Form. The completed application and support documentation is forwarded to the Investigations Division.

Written Examination
All applicants begin with and must take a written examination, grammar and typing test which is administered by the Parkville Police Department.  Applicants are notified of the date, time and location of the test.

Physical Abilities Test
The physical abilities test is a course designed to simulate challenges that could be encountered during an officer’s tour of duty. Applicants must demonstrate their ability to perform the entire test with minimal errors. The physical abilities tests are administered immediately following the written exams.

In person interview
This is an interview conducted by the Chief of Police and/or other Command staff. The interview will consist of relevant questions designed to allow the Parkville Police Department the opportunity to assess an applicant’s overall abilities as they relate to the field of law enforcement.

Background Investigation
The background investigation will cover pertinent facts regarding the applicant’s character, work history and any criminal or traffic records.

Polygraph Examination
Qualified applicants may proceed to the polygraph examination which is administered by a qualified Polygraph Examiner of the Police Department’s choice. The test will cover criminal activity, drug usage, integrity, truthfulness and employment history.

Psychological Examination
This interview is conducted by a certified psychologist of the Parkville Police Department’s choice.

Physical Examination
Applicant’s will undergo a complete medical and eye examination performed by a licensed physician of the Parkville Police Department’s choice.

After successfully completing the aforementioned process the applicant may receive a full employment offer.

Letter of Conditional Offer of Employment
Any time during the process, an applicant may be given a letter of conditional offer of employment. This is an agreement between the department and the applicant stating he/she will accept a position of employment after successful completion of conditions listed in the letter.

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