Parkville Missouri

Rolling on the River Bike Ride 9am-Noon

Date(s) - 06/03/2023


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1) The Rolling on the River Bike Ride will begin at E.H. Young Riverfront Park (1001 Argosy Pkwy, Riverside, MO 64150).

2) The full challenge will be a 14 mile ride from E.H. Young Park in Riverside to Platte Landing Park in Parkville and back to Riverside. This is an “out and back” ride. You will have 2 turn around spots if you are riding with small children or would like a lower mileage ride.

3) Bike route trail will include pavement, chat (crushed gravel) and gravel rocks across the levee.  Please be prepared for this section of gravel trail.

4) This is a free ride, please remember the intent is to be family friendly, this is not a race.

5) As you bike in front of Ball Power Equipment and the Missouri River Boating Association the trail crosses two business driveways. Please obey all stop & traffic signs in this area.

6) In order to reduce litter or trash, please bring your own water bottle, there will be water stations along the route.

Completing the whole ride round trip = 14 miles
Water Stop 1 = approximately 4.4 miles round trip
Water Stop 2 = approximately 8.8 miles round trip
Water Stop 3 = approximately 12 miles round trip
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