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Vision Downtown Parkville

visiondowntownparkvilleDuring the summer and fall of 2013, the City and the project team worked with project partners, community members and stakeholders to draft a Parkville Downtown Master Plan.  The intent of the plan was to build consensus around a common vision, goals and objectives for Downtown Parkville. Throughout the plan’s development, the project team collected information through public workshops and meetings, use of an online forum and interviews with representative business owners, property owners, residents, utility providers and other stakeholders.  Through these forums and discussions, the team worked to better understand the challenges facing downtown and the diversity of personal interests, objectives and preferences for addressing these challenges as a means of identifying common goals and developing realistic strategies to meet them.

The final plan blends public input with the project team’s planning, engineering, architecture and economic analysis, provides a vision for the future of Downtown Parkville and identifies recommended strategies, policies and plans for enhancing Downtown.  During the process, the plan was changed to Vision Downtown Parkville. On August 29, 2014, the Board of Alderman approved Resolution No. 08-02-14 adopting Vision Downtown Parkville.

Vision Downtown Parkville
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