Parkville Missouri

Communities for All Ages Initiative

The KC Communities for All Ages Recognition Program was created to recognize communities that took steps to be more accommodating to residents of all ages while becoming more vibrant, healthy, and prosperous. The City of Parkville committed to being intentional in approach and response to the anticipated increase of older adults. On March 6, 2018, the Board of Aldermen adopted Resolution No. 18-005 joining in support of the Communities for All Ages Initiative.

An age-friendly community is a great place to grow up and grow old. As America’s population ages, experts believe the most successful and vibrant communities will be those that are age-friendly. These communities allow for greater mobility, productivity, and optimal health and well-being. Residents were invited to complete a questionnaire on the livability of our city and share personal thoughts on elements that make a city “age-friendly.”

To learn more about the regional program, visit MARC’s website at

Universal Design and Accessible Homes is a video that introduces viewers to the concept of Universal Design – design that promotes accessibility for all abilities. The video offers new ways to think about home remodeling that is welcoming to all.

Remodeling for Accessible Homes Guidebook is a guidebook from Mid-America Regional Council, created in partnership with RL Mace Universal Design Institute, that offers ideas and cost ranges for modifying an existing home to accommodate the needs of all ages to live more safely and independently, while maintaining family and community activities.

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